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Ovulation Calculator for a Boy and tips for conceiving a boy
06.12.2018, 10:04
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Ovulation Calculator for a Boy and tips for conceiving a boy
Most of the couple hoping to conceive a baby boy, if you and your partner decided to have a baby boy then you should know the ovulation days. Ovulation calculator helps you to track estimated days of ovulation, this is the best way to conceive a baby boy.

What is an ovulation calculator for a boy?

An Ovulation calculator for a boy is a tool through which you easily come to know about most likely to ovulate. All calculation is done on the basis of your menstrual cycle; the assumption is that you should have a regular menstrual cycle. You and your partner should have sexual intercourse close to ovulation. Male sperm reaches the egg faster than the female sperm. The fact is that male sperm is a faster swimmer than a female swimmer. You should mark ovulation calendar such like 24 hours before ovulation and 12 hours after ovulation, to make an optimum ovulation schedule for a baby boy.

You should adopt these tips to increase your chance of conceiving a baby boy:

Drinking Coffee (For Men only)

Keep in mind that when you start drinking coffee it helps to boost the sperms. Coffee gives the extra fast strength to sperm to swim faster. Hence, your sperm reaches the egg very quickly.

How does coffee help to increase your chance to have a son?

Well, generally the Y sperm are better swimmers than X sperm and Y sperm responsible for producing baby boys and X sperm for baby girls. Means Y sperm has a great chance of reaching the egg first as Y sperm swim faster.

Wearing Boxer Shorts (For Men Only)

For a sperm count, one of the most important factors is temperature. Keep in mind that high temperature kills sperms. Although a low sperm count will automatically decrease your chance of getting pregnant.

Basically, when Y and X sperms released, the amount of both are equal. You should go with a higher count rate to increase your chance of getting pregnant.

When you are with more sperm counts means more Y sperm and your chances of having a baby boy will increases. As Y sperm play a vital role in conceiving a baby boy.

Diet Regulation (For Women Only)

Your body’s pH level will directly be affected by your diet. Regulating your diet will probably determine in case you are more alkaline or maybe more acidic.

In an acidic environment, the Y sperm does not well survived. Therefore, Y sperm quietly affects the chance of reaching the egg.

You should be regulating your diet to make your body more alkaline, this environment increase the chance of Y sperm reaching the egg first and gives you a baby boy.

You should focus on more alkaline including food such as:






And you should cut down on acid forming foods such as







Ice creams
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09.12.2018, 17:49
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RE: Ovulation Calculator for a Boy and tips for conceiving a boy
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