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Maplestory M Mesos Content Update Available
01.09.2018, 04:20
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Maplestory M Mesos Content Update Available
It may be by adjusting Maple Mobile Mesos cap to make more balance but also setting the minimum damage cap for quick hitters for a same amount of funding as several other classes. You can guys suggest what harm caps we should utilize. Or mainly the minimal cap damage for rapid hitters AND max damage cap, used for very slow classes, very good 1v1 damage dealer and who are constructed as a PURE bossing personality with a massive absence of advantage besides harm outputs.

[Bild: 1535068831x-1566673357.jpg]

Before joining Maple Leaf Council, I suggested to correct damage cap so fast hitters deal a cap of 50M while many classes will have a greater damage cap and this alternative could give more money to Nexon because certain players could come back after seeing this kind of balance. But I also realize that this is still pay2win because of this current potential system.

So my proposal is not good finally. Additionally, I saw a guy, I think that it was AKradian, he proposed to give every courses a DPS cap which is the worst idea ever in my view, because certain ppl could only take a slow hitter and have numerous support skills and aren't supposed to be bossing. This is WAY more broken and unbalanced at cap level.

So, adjusting damage cap damage to lower cap for certain quick hitters who are not necessarely bossing is needed. There are factors such as% skills, number of hits, role-play and buffing benefits which could be either attack, defense, avert, etc., to take into consideration to correct damage cap. Obviously, Nexon will do this job with test server using same funding of characters. Taking funds of a personality who can deal cap the oldest (excluding Zero), examine harm and then fixing damage cap. Afterward, balancing done!

A revamp that is to modify Floor 50 and place Information out of this dungeon and ought to be in a separate room. An area which we can defeat her in party!! Or trip. So they can match with my proposal in previous paragraph. We could even reducing other end-game boss HP and/or diminishing the timer or make them even more challenging to conquer.
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05.09.2018, 18:47
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RE: Maplestory M Mesos Content Update Available
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