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How to Perform Advanced Passes in NBA 2K18
28.04.2018, 10:25
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How to Perform Advanced Passes in NBA 2K18
When you consider the top passers in the NBA, titles like Lebron James and Chris Paul come to mind. Finding the proper man at the perfect time can lead to easy buckets, and that's not any different in NBA 2K18. Here's how to step up your game and take complete advantage of all of the advances passes available in the NBA 2K Coins game.

To perform a typical pass in NBA 2K18, merely push the left stick in the path of the participant you'd like to pass the ball to and press X A. This performs a standard chest pass from 1 participant to another. To get a bounce pass, then push the left stick in the path of the recipient and press Circle/ / B. For an overhead move, push the left stick in the direction that you want to pass it and tap Triangle/ Y. Players can attempt an alley-oop by simply double tapping Triangle/ Y.

If you would like to choose your departure game to the next level in NBA 2K18, hold down Triangle/ Y to lead an off-ball participant to the basket and release it when you're ready to pass. To complete a flashy pass, just double tap Circle/ B while holding the left stick in the path of the recipient. For a give and go play, press and hold X / A to maneuver the ball whilst maintaining control of the passer. Release the button to get a return.

Another commonly used strategy to create movement is the dribble handoff. This is the point where an off-ball offensive player runs behind the ball-handler and is passed the ball. To execute this movement, hold down Circle/ B and then await the off-ball player to run behind the ball-handler. Release the button to perform the hand-off.

While standing or driving to the basket, you can perform a bogus pass or jump. To get a fake pass, press Triangle + Circle/ Y+B.

At the end of a 2k18 mt ps4 game when attempting to book time in NBA 2K18, it may be best to roll up the inbound pass rather than pass it. To do this, instead of pressing X/A to inbound the ball, press Triangle/ Y.
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