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Normale Version: Blizzard acquires IVISION Major League Gaming
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Mike Sepso, vice president of Clash of Kings Wood and Food Activision Blizzard and MLG Media Networks co-founder, said: "Sundance and I founded MLG to highlight the incredible talent of tournament players worldwide esports guide Activision Blizzard, acquisition activity MLG is .. the incredible intellectual property and competitive game long history in creating a perfect home for the capabilities of the MLG an important step towards greater order of Activision Blizzard eSports Media Networks bring current by creating and premium content esports broadcasting, global game -League, organization and expansion of sales with key partners of the game. "
MLG continue operating platforms and MLG.tv MLG Pro Circuit Battles game, and continue to work with partners and other publishers in the industry. MLG.tv is a distribution network of premium online for eSports and professional MLG Pro Circuit ESL is the longest in North America. Battles game system is the biggest tournaments online games through consoles, PC and mobile platforms.
With more than 100 million unique viewers, the audience is estimated at more than esports public for many professional sports leagues. Creating quality content for the tender offer significant opportunities in ticket sales, advertising, sponsorship, licensing and merchandising. In 2017, esports viewers1 should have more than 300 million. In the past 12 RuneScape 3 GP years he has helped MLG eSports into the mainstream with professional gaming competitions amateur emissions that rival traditional commitment to sports.